Infant Programs

Infant care is based on each child’s individual schedule. Teachers spend one-on-one time with each baby every day working on developmental milestones and goals.  Our teachers also incorporate sign language into the daily routines.

When they are developmentally ready they can use riding toys, drive cars, push popping toys and play in the loft area.  Infants are given opportunities for daily outdoor experiences, weather permitting.  Our outdoor play area is equipped with an infant playground swing, grassy area with play houses and a canopy covered soft-tile patio.

White boards are located in each classroom with recorded information detailing your child’s day.

Menomonee Falls Infant Care Programs

Each infant room is equipped with:

  • Large windows to let in natural light
  • Kitchen area with refrigerator, microwave and full sink
  • Diapering area with separate sink
  • A divided sleep area
  • Comfortable rocking chairs
  • Infant swings
  • Exersaucers
  • Stimulating toys and play areas

Parents supply:

  • Diapers, wipes and ointments
  • Baby cereal and jar food
  • Formula or breast milk
  • A pack -n- play sheet
  • Swaddle blanket or sleep sack
  • Spare changes of clothing